ODBC, Print, Mail utilities for DOS, legacy programs Odbc 4 All Connection to ODBC data sources for any application
New Odbc4All 2.4
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Please read the html manual installed with Odbc 4 All before posting your questions.

If you still have problems, you can write to support@aswit.com telling us:

  1. The Odbc 4 All version you are using

  2. The Windows version (You can type ver at the command prompt to obtain it)

  3. Relevant information about the hardware (CPU, memory, etc.)

  4. ODBC driver, version and DSN entry (if you can, please include your ODBC4ALL configuration file)

  5. If an error message has been displayed, it probably has been recorded in the error.log file. Please search for it in the Odbc 4 All installation directory and attach it to the e-mail.

Thank you.

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